2020 Rental Pricing in Montreal

Using real time market data, the map below shows the average rental price per square foot and the rental price per month for an 800 square foot 2 bedroom unit for each borough in Montreal in 2020. Utilizing the power of big data and analytics gives real estate developers, brokers and investors with the power to make data driven decisions.

Map of Montreal's Rental Pricing in 2020

How do real estate developers and brokers know where to find opportunities or know where to invest? The goal is for professionals to be able to predict where prices will be in the future. Prediction is a major challenge, but a great first step is understanding how prices have evolved in the past to be able to estimate what will happen in the future. Looking at the graph below, created an index of rental pricing for every borough in Montreal. All boroughs start at 100% in the year 2010 and evolve as prices change throughout the years. In the year 2020, the borough that increased the most was Villeray! Prices almost doubled in Villeray between 2010 and 2020. Pointe-Claire was a close second, and Ville-Marie and the Plateau were near the bottom. Knowing this information in 2010 would have caused many individuals to amass great wealth. Where will prices be in 2030 and how will the graph below look?

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