Our team has cumulatively been working in residential real estate pricing for over 10 years and have experienced the challenges and inefficiencies present in the real estate industry.

Fundamentally, has developed various products to provide dynamic tools based on real time data to actors in the real estate industry. To deliver its products, has analyzed millions of listings and created machine learning models to enable real estate market insight, price prediction and sales velocity optimization.



Have an upcoming project that will be launching or an ongoing project? provides a sophisticated initial price list based on the project’s unique attributes. Once the initial price list is generated, use the online platform to monitor the projects pricing and manage its sales velocity. will optimize the initial price list daily until the project is sold out.  

How it works:

  • Book a meeting with to onboard a new condo or rental project.

  • Send the following information:

    • Architect Plans; and

    • Unit Sales Plans.

  • will analyze over 200 different unique attributes related to the project to allow our algorithms to generate a sophisticated initial price list;

  • Log in to our platform to visualize the project initial price list and approve the prices;

  • Once the project launches, use the platform to follow the performance of the sales and gain insight from the data analytics in the dashboard;

  • Our platform will automatically monitor the leasing/sale activity of a new project and optimize prices based off in real time demand and supply in the market.

  • Ensure the highest profitability possible for the project.

REAL TIME MARKET REPORTS Market Reports allows various actors in the residential real estate sector to access real time market insight quickly at a low cost for rental or condo projects. Large quantities of data from various sources are utilized to achieve sophisticated and precise market insight.

How it works:

  • Book a meeting with to onboard understand your needs;

  • Send the following information:

    • Project location address;

    • Unit Sales Plans;

  • Receive your report the following week;



Tired of spending hours looking at real estate listings and missing out on opportunities to invest in the real estate market? machine learning algorithms have the capability to find undervalued properties. evaluates in real time the value of online listings on various websites across the web and provides weekly lists of potential deals. 

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